Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

If you’re interested in purchasing a refurbished computer, it’s important to be an
educated consumer. Below are some key questions to ask to make sure you are getting a
reliable machine with legitimate software:

  • What are the full specifications and capabilities of this computer? Is it a name brand? Can I see it working?
  • Where did the PC come from? Has it been upgraded with any new or used parts? Has it been tested for electrical safety?
  • Does the PC have a warranty and, if so, what does the warranty cover?
  • What is your return policy? What is your return or failure rate?
  • Does the PC include genuine operating system and software?
  • Where can I get support?
  • Do you offer end-of-life take back and, if so, is there a charge?
  • Do you offer workstations networked to a server?
  • How fast is your customer response time?
  • Are you a member of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program?

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program

The Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program enables refurbishers to supply PCs preinstalled
with genuine Microsoft software to businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, government
programs, and other eligible customers.

Refurbishers that are part of this program are required to comply with a set of responsible
practices, including erasing data properly.

Today, there are more than 1,500 Microsoft Registered Refurbishers in over 60 countries